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sales-funnelThis is a very simple outline of exactly how to build a sales funnel and market your business on the internet in order to get found by your perfect target market. It should give you a good idea of how internet marketing works.

The process may look daunting if you aren’t techy, but if you are truly wanting to be an entrepreneur and use the internet to market your business, you will realize that the work you put in now, will be worth the effort in the end a thousand fold.

Think of it as an education in internet marketing. It’s an alternative to going back to school and ultimately working for someone else. And remember, I am here to help you if you have questions.

Basically, you need TWO things to market well on the internet: a blog and a lead capture page. If you have a blog and a capture page, you can market anything effectively on the internet so that people find you all over the world, get to know you on autopilot, and contact you to buy your stuff or join your business.

Let’s look at the funnel process in order of how you get set up.


  1. The end result is that you want people to join you in business or buy your products. So it’s important you decide which company or products you are going to promote and be sure it’s something you can stand behind and something you whole heartedly believe in. Start with the end in mind.
  2. Create a blog. This is how strangers will get to know you and like you and want to work with you. I can help you with this.
  3. Create a capture page.  This will allow you to collect the names and emails of people who are interested in what you have. This list of emails is going to be your most valuable asset.
  4. Create a follow up email series for people who ask for more information on your blog or website. This means getting an autoresponder, or email service provider. I recommend Aweber because of it’s high deliverability and ease of use.
  5. Once you have your blog, a capture page, and an autoresponder set up, choose your favourite marketing strategy and stay consistent with it.

Marketing this way is going to brand you as a leader in your niche and grow your business fast. Once you are set up, it is simply a matter of doing a little marketing each day. And remember, the set-up process IS worth the effort.

Contact me if you have any questions at all:)



Is Network Marketing A Good Business?

Is network marketing a good business? 

Well, that depends. It is right for some people but not for others.

The ‘right’ people understand that in order for a network marketing business to ‘work’, you need to market properly. If you can get your business in front of people who want what you offer, you will be successful. Period. But if you are trying to market to people who have no interest in your offer, you will find yourself frustrated and disillusioned by the whole industry.

It took me almost 10 years to learn that the only way to build a network marketing business, or any business, is to learn to market first.

And when I understood that… everything changed.

It doesn’t even matter what company you your building, as long as you know how to market. You can market anything and be successful if the right people are finding you. So if network marketing is your home business of choice, the I suggest choosing a stable company with products that you believe in and learning to market.

My problem over the years was that I thought the answer lay in the company and so I jumped around looking for the perfect business, like so many people. I was looking for ‘the best network marketing company’, when the answer was inside me all along.

It didn’t help that I was also in a toxic relationship when I  started, and I realize now that I was looking for a way out, rather than looking for a business. And that was not a healthy starting point.

But then something happened that changed my life. My marriage ended and I stepped back into my power. I started to believe in myself and in the home based business industry again. And all the internet marketing skills I had been learning suddenly made sense.

For the past year and a half, I have grown and changed in so many positive ways, and most importantly I have regained my confidence and am moving in a direction all my own. I am embracing the path ahead, and enjoying the journey into true entrepreneurship.

I am no longer looking to build a home based business as an escape route, but rather, as a way to continue my self improvement, and because I believe the Universe has set it in my path for a reason.

This time around, I am building my online business differently.

  1. My primary focus is to help home business entrepreneurs use the internet to grow their business, mainly through blogging and video marketing. If someone joins my in my company… great. If not, that’s great too.
  2. I don’t do home parties. I market on the internet to reach people who looking for a way to build a home business, and who see the ‘big picture’ and how important it is to take action now to create a life you own over working for someone else your whole life. I want to help you do the same.
  3. I am consciously balancing work and pleasure. It’s important to gauge your time when you work on the internet so it doesn’t consume you. I am integrating the things I always said I would do more of once I was successful… now. That means painting, yoga, spending time with my kids, and taking more vacations. Why wait to do the things that bring you joy?


Here’s a short video (actually two because my battery ran out while I was doing the first) about my personal experience with the first network marketing company I joined and how things evolved…

part 2 (less than 2 min long)

If you are building a network marketing company, I want to help you get found by your perfect market. I want to help you create a branded blog and attract your perfect clients. It’s really fun once you get going!

Contact me directly or sign up for my newsletter on the right that explains the 7 things you need to build a wildly successful business on the internet …in any industry.

Life’s an adventure!